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A Practical Chinese-English Dictionary 实用汉英词典
by James Wu, Lu Bai
ISBN: 9789814609630
List Price: US$21.90 

Chinese Grammar Step by Step 汉语语法步步高
by James Wu, Lu Bai
ISBN: 9789814352543
List Price: US$19.95 

Concise Chinese-English Dictionary 简明汉英词典
by James Wu, Lu Bai
ISBN: 9789814416474
List Price: US$29.95 

Essential Chinese Dictionary for Australian Students 汉语800字
by James Wu, Lu Bai
ISBN: 9789814410281
List Price: US$29.95 

Learn Chinese - Illustrated Chinese-English Dictionary 汉英图画字典
ISBN: 9789814314596
List Price: US$29.95 

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