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TRANSITIONS An Intermediate Course
by Phyllis Zhang
ISBN: 9781337111089
© 2018 | List Price:  $76.95

 Transitions is the intermediate-level course in the Developing Chinese Fluency series, sequenced after the introductory program Ni Wo Ta (你我他). It offers practical materials for the general needs of intermediate learners. Each unit contains topics and vocabulary that center on the life of the learner, especially college students. Activities and tasks focus on the active learning and development of daily communication skills (interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational) beyond the basics. It also builds a solid foundation for learners who plan to study abroad in China or other Chinese speaking regions.



A video story to provide students with an engaging cultural-linguistic context for language learning and modeling;


A balanced approach to the development of communication skills, with a focus on thematic vocabulary, language functions, and fluency development;


A wide range of practical topics, such as the living environment, everyday items, personal health, hobbies and interests, academic life, career planning, personal development, etc.;


Thematic vocabulary to meet the communicative needs of everyday life;


A bottom-up approach to learning, helping learners advance through a step-by-step process – building competency from word, to sentence, to paragraph, and then to passage;



Product Details:

Published by:  Cengage Learning
ISBN:   9781337111089
Published:   2018
Trim Size:   216 x 276 mm
Format:   Paperback
Illustrations:   4-colour
No. of Pages:   352

 Pre-Unit: Join us for the activities


Unit 1: What does it look like?


Unit 2: How’s this room?


Unit 3: What are the features of this item?


Unit 4: Are you feeling unwell?


Unit 5: What does she look like?


Unit 6: What qualities does he have?


Unit 7: What do you want to do in the future?


Unit 8: What are your qualifications and experience?


Concluding Unit: What’s the next step?


Appendix 1 Words and Expressions

Appendix 2 Forms and Structures

Appendix 3 Phrases and Expressions

Appendix 4 Vocabulary Index 1 (Chinese to English)

Appendix 5 Vocabulary Index 2 (English to Chinese)

Appendix 6 Video Script

Appendix 7 Answer Key

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