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Learn Mandarin 2
by Loi Hin Kee, Hua An Tan, Siew Yoon Lai
ISBN: 9789670357607
© 2018 | List Price:  $19.95

Learn Mandarin 2 is designed as a textbook at the beginner level. It may be used as a self-learning material too. Over 300 words and expressions are introduced in eight lessons to provide learners with common, useful vocabulary for daily communication. As an excellent resource on basic Chinese, it is suitable for non-native speakers, especially university students, as well as adult learners.


Product Details:

Published by:  Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd
ISBN:   9789670357607
Published:   2018
Trim Size:   210 x 297 mm
Format:   Paperback
Illustrations:   4-colour
No. of Pages:   144

课堂常用语句 Common Classroom Expressions

第一课 Lesson 1: 房子真漂亮。The house is really beautiful.

第二课 Lesson 2: 讲堂在哪里?Where is the lecture hall?

第三课 Lesson 3: 我在复习功课。I am reviewing my homework.

第四课 Lesson 4: 你要买什么?What would you like to buy?

第五课 Lesson 5: 我要去巴士站。I am going to the bus station.

第六课 Lesson 6: 附近有没有银行?Is there any bank nearby?

第七课 Lesson 7: 我们去诊所。Let’s go to the clinic.

第八课 Lesson 8: 你打算去哪里度假?Where do you plan to go for vacation?


附录 Appendices

1. 马来西亚的旅游景点 Tourist Attractions in Malaysia

2. 蔬菜和水果 Vegetables and Fruits

3. 动物 Animals

4. 常见职业 Common Occupations

5. 办公室用具 Office Supplies

6. 信息通信技术常用词语 Common Words for Information and Communications Technology

7. 大学常见课程 Common University Courses

8. 常用动词 Common Verbs

9. 常用形容词 Common Adjectives

10. 常用量词 Common Measure Words

11. 生活常用语句 Useful Phrases and Expressions

12. 课文词语索引 Words and Expressions Index


复习题 Revision Exercises

汉字习写练习 Character Writing Practice

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