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Concise Chinese-English Dictionary 简明汉英词典
by James Wu, Lu Bai
ISBN: 9789814416474
© 2013 | List Price:  $29.95

Concise Chinese-English Dictionary is specially designed for non-native learners of Chinese. It contains more than 900 entries, all of which are important Chinese characters to be learned at the beginners-intermediate level. Over 6,000 words, compound and phrases have been carefully selected to provide the most comprehensive and useful vocabulary for the learner. More than 2,500 example sentences are included to show how words and phrases are used in context.


  • authentic, up-to-date language used in the modern Chinese world
  • comprehensive English index to facilitate Chinese word search via English keywords
  • Pinyin and English translations for all Chinese text
  • wide range of topical vocabulary in the appendices
  • refreshing, uncluttered layout for easy learning and reference

Product Details:

Published by:  Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd
ISBN:   9789814416474
Published:   2013
Trim Size:   140mm x 199mm
Format:   Paperback
Illustrations:   2-colour
No. of Pages:   620

Message from the Authors

Guide to the Dictionary

Pinyin Index

Indexes of Chinese Radicals and Characters

Dictionary (A-Z)


   Cardinal Numbers

   Immediate and Extended Families

   Common Chinese Family Names

   Famous Historical People

   Countries and Cities

   Important Days and Festivals

   The Chinese Zodiac

   Common English Male Names in Chinese

   Common English Female Names in Chinese

   Common Professions

   Common Food

   Household Items

   Chinese Phonetic System

   Basic Rules for Writing Chinese Characters

   Useful Phrases and Expressions

   Engilsh Index

1. stroke_order.pdf (16887kb)

Stroke oder for Chinese characters found in the dictionary.

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