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China Through the Dynasties 中国文史浅说
by Shouhui Zhao, Dongbo Zhang
ISBN: 9789814246675
© 2010 | List Price:  $28.95

China through the Dynasties provides a quick introduction to Chinese history in a simple and engaging manner. Through the use of a conversational style of writing, and a generous spread of beautiful photographs and illustrations, readers will find this an enjoyable read.


In this book, Chinese history is presented in a chronological order, starting with the earliest human activities in China and concluding with the end of the Qing dynasty. Most chapters are divided into three sections: The Dynastic Cycle, Social Development and Cultural Advancement. The Dynastic Cycle section outlines the key historical events of that period. The Social Development section summarizes the political and economic development of Chinese society in that particular period. The Cultural Advancement section introduces each period’s cultural development and achievements. Through this structured approach, readers are given a broad and balanced view of each dynasty.


An English summary provided at the beginning of each chapter gives readers a quick overview and highlights the key points for that chapter. Hanyu pinyin and English definitions are provided for difficult words.


While China through the Dynasties is primarily planned as an intermediate/advanced Chinese language course material or as extra curriculum reading material, it can also be a good read for the layman looking for an easier way to digest Chinese history.

Product Details:

Published by:  Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd
ISBN:   9789814246675
Published:   2010
Trim Size:   189mm x 248mm
Format:   Paperback
Illustrations:   4-colour
No. of Pages:   342


Chapter 1    An Introduction to China, Its People and Its Culture

Chapter 2    Prehistoric China: The Beginnings of Chinese Civilization

Chapter 3    The Xia and Shang Dynasties: The Rise of Chinese Civilizations

Chapter 4    The Zhou Dynasty: The Cornerstone of Chinese Civilization

Chapter 5    The Pre-Qin Period: The Philosopher Boom

Chapter 6    The Qin Dynasty: A Costly Civilization

Chapter 7    The Han Dynasty: A Prosperous Feudal Society

Chapter 8    The Three Kingdoms and The Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties

Chapter 9    The Sui and Tang Dynasties: The Golden Age of China

Chapter 10  The Song and Yuan Dynasties: Ages of Turbulence

Chapter 11  The Ming Dynasty: A Glorious Empire

Chapter 12  The Qing Dynasty: Twilight Years


- Map of China

- A Brief Chronology of Chinese History

- Index

- References

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