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Everyday Chinese 汉语900句
ISBN: 9789814272827
© 2010 | List Price:  $39.90

Learn to speak Mandarin Chinese the easy way, with Everyday Chinese! Everyday Chinese enables beginning foreign learners to easily learn and apply common Chinese sentences in everyday communication.


The package features

  • a reference handbook that is thematically organized and is easy to carry around
  • audio CD in MP3 format, for easy downloading to iPods or other MP3 devices; listen to authentic, clear language models
  • 900 sentences for use in essential daily-life situations such as meeting people, dining, shopping, finding accommodation, and visiting a doctor
  • a core vocabulary of 1,500 words made up of 700 Chinese characters
  • Pinyin and English translations provided for all Chinese sentences
  • photos, illustrations, and supplementary cultural information

Product Details:

Published by:  Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd
ISBN:   9789814272827
Published:   2010
Trim Size:   115mm x 190mm
Format:   Paperback with MP3 CD
Illustrations:   4-colour
No. of Pages:   176

Introduction to Pinyin

Daily Chinese 900

Chapter 1   Meeting People - "What's your name?"

Chapter 2   Dining - "What would you like to eat?"

Chapter 3   Shopping - "How much is it?"

Chapter 4   Traveling - "Where are you going?"

Chapter 5   Finding Accommodation - "I'd like a standard room."

Chapter 6   Managing Money - "What's the exchange rate?"

Chapter 7   Seeing a Doctor - "Is anything wrong?"

Chapter 8   Going to School - "What's your major?"

Chapter 9   Having Fun - "Let's relax."

Chapter 10 Doing Sports - "Nice shot!"

Basic Chinese 100

Index to Supplementary Vocabulary

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