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China Highlights DVD 看中国
ISBN: 9789814253413
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China Highlights is a concise and comprehensive first introduction to China and the Chinese culture. Viewers will gain a quick understanding and appreciation through the 18 carefully selected topics such as sports, food, fashion, family, festivals, people, society, language, literature, history and the arts. China Highlights is informative and yet easy to digest. It is also ideal as a Chinese language classroom resource. Suggested activities are included to provide instructors with ideas on classroom activities that will enhance students’ understanding of each topic.


Mandarin narration with Traditional/Simplified Chinese and English subtitles. Full bilingual transcripts provided.

Product Details:

Published by:  Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd
ISBN:   9789814253413
Published:   2009
Trim Size:   132mm x 185mm
Format:   DVD

Track 1  Chinese Martial Arts 中国功夫 (2:45)
Track 2  Sports in China 体育运动 (2:59)
Track 3  Chinese Cuisine 中国饮食 (3:43)
Track 4  Chinese Costumes 中国服装 (2:46)
Track 5  Chinese Families 中国家庭 (3:43)
Track 6  The Lunar New Year, the Lantern Festival, and the Double Ninth Festival

                春节、元宵节和重阳节 (4:01)
Track 7  The Dragon Boat Festival and the Moon Festival 端午节和中秋节 (2:41)
Track 8  Popular Tourist Destinations in China 中国旅游 (4:17)
Track 9  The Great Wall and the Stone Grottoes 长城和石窟 (3:10)
Track 10  Man and Nature: The Old Town of Lijiang 人与自然:丽江古城 (2:06)
Track 11  Ethnic Groups in China 民族风情 (1:59)
Track 12  Changes in Residential Housing 住宅变迁 (2:58)
Track 13  The Origin of Chinese Characters 汉字的由来 (3:12)
Track 14  Popular Chinese Characters 汉字与生活 (2:49)
Track 15  Confucius and Confucianism 孔子与儒家文化 (3:47)
Track 16  The Silk Road 丝绸之路 (3:39)
Track 17  Chinese Literature 中国文学 (3:26)
Track 18  Chinese Folk Arts 中国民间艺术 (4:09)

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