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Go! Chinese 听说读打写 (Traditional Character Edn)
by Julie Lo, Emily Yih

Go! Chinese together with IQChinese Go (multimedia CD-ROM) form an integrated Chinese language program that offers an easy, enjoyable and effective learning experience for learners of Chinese as a foreign language. The themes and lesson plans of this program are designed with reference to ACTFL’s 5Cs and the Curriculum Guides for Modern Languages developed by the Toronto District Board of Education.


This 8-level program is divided into two series: Beginner and Intermediate. The Beginner Series (Go100 – Go400) equips students with vocabulary and common expressions for everyday interactions in Chinese, while the Intermediate Series (Go500 – Go800) places more emphasis on cultural comparison, self-expression and opinion exchange. Each level includes a textbook, a workbook, and an optional companion multimedia CD-ROM (sold separately).


The Beginner Series of this program comprises four levels (Go100 – Go400) and each level can be completed in about 60 hours (40hours textbook + 20 hours CD-ROM). The Intermediate Series of this program comprises four levels (Go500 – Go800) and each level can be completed in about 80 hours (60 hours textbook + 20 hours CD-ROM).


A comprehensive Instructor Resource Pack (one for each level of Go100 – Go400) offers lesson plans, flashcards, and an audio CD. In addition, complimentary instructors’ resources are available online. The optional companion multimedia CD-ROMs give learners access to audio, visual and textual information about the language all at once. Chinese typing is systematically integrated into the program to facilitate the acquisition and retention of new vocabulary and to equip students with a skill that is becoming increasingly important in the internet era wherein professional and personal correspondence are largely done electronically.

This series is also available in Simplified Chinese.

“I can see that GO! Chinese is written by REAL teachers who have actual classroom experience.”


“Contents are organized, focused and not overwhelming”


“Balanced focus on all four skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The Grammar Tips section is particularly useful.”


“Gradual and systematic buildup of vocabulary”


“Language and culture interweaved seamlessly.”


“Great workbook! Exercises are not "dumbed down", students are challenged and feel sense of accomplishment upon completion of exercises.”

Go! Chinese - Go100 Textbook (Traditional Character Edn)
ISBN: 9789814226882
Go! Chinese - Go100 Workbook (Traditional Character Edn)
ISBN: 9789814226929
Go! Chinese - Go200 Textbook (Traditional Character Edn)
ISBN: 9789814226936
Go! Chinese - Go200 Workbook (Traditional Character Edn)
ISBN: 9789814226943
Go! Chinese - Go300 Textbook (Traditional Character Edn)
ISBN: 9789814281478
Go! Chinese - Go300 Workbook (Traditional Character Edn)
ISBN: 9789814281485
Go! Chinese - Go400 Textbook (Traditional Character Edn)
ISBN: 9789814281492
Go! Chinese - Go400 Workbook (Traditional Character Edn)
ISBN: 9789814281508
Go! Chinese - Go500 Textbook (Traditional Character Edn)
ISBN: 9789814336130
Go! Chinese - Go500 Workbook (Traditional Character Edn)
ISBN: 9789814336147
Go! Chinese - Go600 Textbook (Traditional Character Edn)
ISBN: 9789814392204
Go! Chinese - Go600 Workbook (Traditional Character Edn)
ISBN: 9789814392211
Go! Chinese - Go700 Textbook (Traditional Character Edn)
ISBN: 9789814455251
Go! Chinese - Go700 Workbook (Traditional Character Edn)
ISBN: 9789814455268
Go! Chinese - Go800 Textbook (Traditional Character Edn)
ISBN: 9789814455275
Go! Chinese - Go800 Workbook (Traditional Character Edn)
ISBN: 9789814455282
Go! Chinese - Go100 Teacher Resource Pack (Simplified Character Edition)
ISBN: 9789814410984
Go! Chinese - Go200 Teacher Resource Pack (Simplified Character Edition)
ISBN: 9789814410991
Go! Chinese - Go300 Teacher Resource Pack (Simplified Character Edition)
ISBN: 9789814416009
Go! Chinese - Go400 Teacher Resource Pack (Simplified Character Edition)
ISBN: 9789814416016
IQChinese GoPinyin
ISBN: 0892609002048
IQChinese Go100 CD-ROM
ISBN: 0892609002055
IQChinese Go200 CD-ROM
ISBN: 0892609002062
IQChinese Go300 CD-ROM
ISBN: 0892609002079
IQChinese Go400 CD-ROM
ISBN: 0892609002086
IQChinese Go500 CD-ROM
ISBN: 0892609002093
IQChinese Go600 CD-ROM
ISBN: 0892609002109
IQChinese Go700 CD-ROM
ISBN: 0892609002116
IQChinese Go800 CD-ROM
ISBN: 0892609002123

1. GO! Chinese Placement Tests - Chinese Trad (2118kb)
2. GO! Chinese Placement Tests - English Trad (2021kb)

Use these GO! Chinese Placement Tests to assess your student's language proficiency.

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