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Mastering Chinese Language & Culture 双双中文 Vol 1
by Shuang Shuang Wang
ISBN: 9789000009732
© 2008 | List Price:  $18.95

Mastering Chinese Language and Culture is a 20-volume series designed to teach Chinese to students with some basic understanding of the language. It begins with the introduction of recognition of characters and pinyin, and building up to a comprehensive and systematic introduction to Chinese culture. Diverse aspects of Chinese characters such as geography, history, and philosophy are covered. The series teaches Chinese characters and culture simultaneously so that students will be able to speak Chinese and also understand the culture behind the language.


The flexible structure allows teachers to customize materials according to students' needs. Students can start from Volume 1 or any of Volumes 10-20 to study a particular topic in depth. Volumes 10-20 are a set of reading books covering 9 cultural topics, which can be used independently in other Chinese language and culture courses.


Each volume comes with 2 workbooks of practice exercises. Volumes 1-5 comes with flashcards for Chinese character and pinyin instruction and learning. The companion CD-ROMs (sold separately) provide engaging activities to enrich the lessons.


Volume 1 teaches a vocabulary of 81 characters and 40 words. Students will learn to recognize, pronounce, and write characters. Students will also acquire a basic understanding of Chinese as an ideographic language.

Product Details:

Published by:  Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd
ISBN:   9789000009732
Published:   2008
Trim Size:   208mm x 282mm
Format:   Bundle
Illustrations:   4-colour

第一课 看图识字
第二课 看图识字
第三课 看图识字
第四课 看图识字
第五课 看图识字
第六课 看图识字
第七课 看图识字
第八课 天空
第九课 看图识字
第十课 早上好
第十一课 看图识字

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