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Let's Speak Student Book (Basic) 想说就说
by Hua Yan Lu
ISBN: 9789814246682
© 2009 | List Price:  $14.90

Let's Speak provides a structured and systematic approach to learning Chinese, with a special focus on speaking skills. It is developed specifically for students in a non-Chinese environment. Each lesson is thoughtfully planned such that the presentation, reinforcement and expansion of communication forms promote the gradual and secure development of Chinese language skills. Each lesson revolves around a chosen theme which provides a practical context that students can relate to.


The basic level introduces 366 words, most of which are from the Chinese Words of Different Levels and the General Outline of Chinese Words (Beijing Language and Culture University Press, 1997). An introductory section on pinyin is included to lay the groundwork for learning the language.

Product Details:

Published by:  Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd
ISBN:   9789814246682
Published:   2009
Trim Size:   209mm x 282mm
Format:   Paperback
Illustrations:   2-colour
No. of Pages:   176

Pronunciation and Pinyin Romanization 1

Pronunciation and Pinyin Romanization 2
Table of Combinations of Initials and Finals in Putonghua

Chapter 1 Going to the Airport by Taxi

Chapter 2 On the Plane 1
Chapter 3 On the Plane 2
Chapter 4 At School 1
Unit Exam 1 (Lesson 1 - 4)

Chapter 5 At School 2
Chapter 6 At School 3
Chapter 7 At School 4
Chapter 8 In the Café
Unit Exam 2 (Lesson 5 - 8)

Chapter 9 In the Restaurant 1
Chapter 10 In the Restaurant 2
Chapter 11 In the Restaurant 3
Chapter 12 In the Restaurant 4
Unit Exam 3 (Lesson 9 - 12)

Chapter 13 Outside the Station
Chapter 14 Inside the Station
Chapter 15 On Campus 1
Chapter 16 On Campus 2
Unit Exam 4 (Lesson 13 - 16)

Vocabulary Index

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