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iChinese Book 1《爱汉语》 第一册
by Chen Draper 李琛, Victor Bao 鲍思冶, Angela Wu 吴星华
ISBN: 9789814687195
© 2016 | List Price:  $39.95

iChinese 《爱汉语》 is developed by a team of three Chinese language teachers with extensive firsthand experience in preparing their students for the IGCSE Mandarin: Foreign Language and IB Mandarin: Ab Initio examinations.


The 2-level course book provides teachers with a comprehensive set of ready-to-use materials, including vocabulary lists, model student essays and notes on marking schemes. Themes and vocabulary adhere to the IGCSE and IB Ab Initio syllabi. Exercises are presented in actual examination formats and full mock examination papers are provided.


  • IGCSE & IB: designed specifically for IGCSE Mandarin: Foreign Language, and IB Mandarin: Ab Initio;
  • Themes & Vocabulary: full coverage of IGCSE and IB syllabi;
  • Exam prep: exercises in actual examination formats and full mock examination papers provided;
  • Scaffolding: texts and exercises set at different levels to cater to different needs;
  • Four skills: balanced focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking;
  • Assessment: notes on marking schemes with model student essays;
  • Culture: cultural comparison and reflection to facilitate intercultural appreciation;
  • Audio clips (in MP3 format) for listening comprehension practice available online (under “Instructor Resources” tab).



Product Details:

Published by:  Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd
ISBN:   9789814687195
Published:   2016
Trim Size:   210 x 295mm
Format:   Paperback
Illustrations:   4-colour
No. of Pages:   250

Unit 1 Family

Lesson 1 我 About Me

Lesson 2 我的家人 My Family

Lesson 3 我的宠物 My Pet

Lesson 4 我的家 My Home


Unit 2 School

Lesson 1 我的学校 My School

Lesson 2 科目 Subjects

Lesson 3 课外活动 Extra-Curricular Activities

Lesson 4 学校生活 Life in School


Unit 3 Everyday Life

Lesson 1 我的一天 My Daily Routine

Lesson 2 交通工具 Modes of Transport

Lesson 3 我的邻居 My Neighbours

Lesson 4 我家周围的环境 My Neighbourhood


Unit 4 Personalities

Lesson 1 性格与长相 Personalities and Physcial Appearances

Lesson 2 人际关系 Interpersonal Relationships

Lesson 3 爱好 Hobbies


Unit 5 Eating Out

Lesson 1 食物和饮料 Food and Beverage

Lesson 2 外出就餐 Dining Out

Lesson 3 饮食文化 Food and Culture



1. Vocabulary Index

2. Listening Exercises: Tapescript and Answer Key

3. Marking Student's Work: Model Samples

4. Vocabulary List: IGCSE Mandarin Chinese, 0547

5. Mock Exam Paper and Answer Key: IGCSE Mandarin Chinese, 0547

6. Mock Exam Paper and Answer Key: IB Mandarin: Ab Initio

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