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Little Scholar's Series Primary Chinese 2A
by Confucius Institute, Nanyang Technological University
ISBN: 9789814653879
© 2016 | List Price:  $9.95

Little Scholars’ Series - Primary Chinese 2A 《状元学堂·乐思华文2A》 is based on the latest Primary School Chinese Curriculum developed by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. It consists of 10 exercises that correspond to the 10 lessons in the primary Chinese textbook, one mid-term revision paper and two end-of-term revision papers.

Key features include:

  • Reading and oral practices: Develop one’s reading and oral skills with reading passages and dialogues containing key vocabulary from the textbook lessons as well as pictures designed for oral description.
  • Effective vocabulary acquisition: Reinforce the learning of new words and phrases through a wide variety of exercises with lively illustrations.
  • Cultural knowledge: Learn the origins and evolution of Chinese characters and their various radicals through simple illustrations.
  • Self evaluation: Evaluate one’s progress using a checklist provided at the end of each lesson; uncover gaps in learning and identify areas of weaknesses.

Product Details:

Published by:  Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd
ISBN:   9789814653879
Published:   2016
Trim Size:   260 X 190 mm
Format:   Paperback
Illustrations:   black/white
No. of Pages:   164

练习一            第一课            我的衣服小了

练习二            第二课            新年到了

练习三            第三课            客人来了

练习四            第四课            我是艺术家

练习五            第五课            今天是学校开放日

练习六            期中复习(第一课~第五课)

练习七            第六课            你怎么上学

练习八            第七课            在咖啡店吃早餐

练习九            第八课            感谢我周围的人

练习十            第九课            今天是晴天

练习十一        第十课            小侦探

练习十二        总复习一(第一课~第十课)

练习十三        总复习二(第一课~第十课)


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