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Learn Mandarin 1
by Hua An Tan, Loi Hin Kee, Siew Yoon Lai
ISBN: 9789670357546
© 2017 | List Price:  $19.95

Sample pages: Learn Mandarin 1_sample chapter.pdf

Learn Mandarin 1 is designed as a textbook at the beginner level. It may be used as a self-learning material too. Over 200 words and expressions are introduced in eight lessons to provide learners with common, useful vocabulary for daily communication. As an excellent resource on basic Chinese, it is suitable for non-native speakers, especially university students, as well as adult learners.

• Introductory lessons on Hanyu Pinyin (Chinese phonetics) and Chinese characters provide basic, useful knowledge of the language.
• Main lessons cover everyday topics such as greetings, social expressions, introducing oneself and family members, telling dates and time, and food and drinks.
• Succinct notes on Chinese grammar make accessible the complexities of the language.
• Supplementary tips draw connections with other forms of language usage.
• Cultural notes offer interesting insights into Chinese customs, traditions and way of life.
• Oral and written exercises such as role-play, daily conversations and simple grammar practices reinforce learning.
• Rich appendices support students with varying learning needs - Hanyu Pinyin chart, local food, useful phrases and expressions, etc.

Product Details:

Published by:  Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd
ISBN:   9789670357546
Published:   2017
Trim Size:   210 x 297mm
Format:   Paperback
Illustrations:   black/white
No. of Pages:   140

课堂常用语句 Common Classroom Expressions
基础课一 Introduction 1: 汉语拼音 Hanyu Pinyin
基础课二 Introduction 2: 汉字 Chinese Characters
第一课 Lesson 1: 你好。Hello.
第二课 Lesson 2: 对不起,我迟到了。Sorry, I am late.
第三课 Lesson 3: 生日快乐。Happy Birthday.
第四课 Lesson 4: 你叫什么名字?What is your name?
第五课 Lesson 5: 我爱我的家人。I love my family members.
第六课 Lesson 6: 你的生日是几月几号?When is your birthday?
第七课 Lesson 7: 现在几点了?What is the time now?
第八课 Lesson 8: 我喜欢吃炒饭。I like to eat fried rice.

附录 Appendices
1. 汉语拼音音节表 Hanyu Pinyin Syllable Chart
2. 本地美食 Local Food
3. 东南亚国家 Southeast Asian Countries
4. 马来西亚十三州、联邦直辖区和主要城镇 States, Federal Territories, Cities and Towns of Malaysia
5. 马来西亚公立大学 Public Universities in Malaysia
6. 吉隆坡大学各所分院 Institutes of Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL)
7. 生活常用语句 Useful Phrases and Expressions
8. 汉字序号式笔顺 Numbered Stroke Order System
9. 课文词语索引 Words and Expressions Index

复习题 Revision Exercises
汉字习写练习 Character Writing Practice

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