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Chinese Treasure Chest, Volume 2, 2nd Edition (Simplified Character Edition)
by Marisa Fang, Helen Jung, Rosemary Firestein
ISBN: 9789814773959
© 2018 | List Price:  $49.95

Chinese Treasure Chest is an unprecedented collection of ready to-use games, songs, craft projects, delightfully illustrated student worksheets and teacher-directed activities to help pre-school and elementary students learn Chinese as a foreign language. It offers a wide variety of activities of different difficulty levels to facilitate differentiated instruction in mixed-ability classrooms and across grade levels.

This second edition of Chinese Treasure Chest is a valuable resource that every Chinese teacher can use to enhance your lessons. Our new and past users will discover a treasure trove of fun, meaningful, content-related lessons through which students can learn Chinese and develop an appreciation for the Chinese culture. This two-volume teaching resource contains over 700 ready-to-use games, songs, craft projects, attractively illustrated worksheets, and teacher-directed activities designed around themes in the elementary curriculum. It is organized into 12 monthly sections to fit the school year. Each section begins with teacher notes that state the learning objectives and difficulty level of each activity, and offer suggestions on how to implement an activity to get the best results. Students learn the Chinese language and culture through games, songs, crossword puzzles, cut-outs, picture cards, TPR activities, role-play, chants and conversations. Also included are seasonal activities to help students celebrate special events and holidays of each month (e.g., Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and Dragon Boat Festival).

Some of the significant improvements in the second edition of Chinese Treasure Chest include:

  • Revised teacher notes that provide useful teaching strategies and suggestions;
  • Exciting new activities, worksheets, songs and rhymes to complement the most popular ones from our original series, such as adding a new song and a rhyme for the 12 zodiac animals, activities on making food bowls and plates, and including a times table for advanced learners;
  • Updated content to reflect current culture, such as replacing the flip phone activity with a smartphone, replacing Yao Ming with Jeremy Lin, adding Youyou Tu and updating Elaine Chao to the lesson about famous Chinese women;
  • Additional Chinese New Year worksheets, projects and songs that your students will love;
  • New project samples of recent student work.
  • Cross references to contents in our upcoming Volumes 3 and 4 that will provide teachers with an abundance of additional materials about related themes;
  • 12 full-color posters that teachers can download for use in the classroom. Poster images include 10 of the themes from the calendar pages, the map of China and classroom commands. Visit to access these materials.

The second edition also introduces two adorable mascots — big brother dragon (龙哥哥) and little sister dragon (龙妹妹). As the most emblematic symbol of China, dragons represent power, strength and good fortune in Chinese culture. Using dragon images for the mascots allows students to embrace this aspect of Chinese culture. The mascots appear on the cover and throughout the book. Color copies of the mascots are available on Cengage Learning website ( for teachers to copy and use as puppets in the classroom.

Product Details:

Published by:  Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd
ISBN:   9789814773959
Published:   2018
Trim Size:   216 x 280mm
Format:   Spiral bound
No. of Pages:   444

January 一月

  •  January Calendar 一月月历
  •  Zodiac Animals 十二生肖
  •  Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) 农历新年(春节)
  •  Lantern Festival 元宵节
  •  Try It Out! 每月一练


February 二月

  •  February Calendar 二月月历
  •  100 Days of School 上学一百天
  •  Valentine’s Day 情人节
  •  Adjectives to Describe People 描写人物的形容词
  •  Telling Time 现在几点 (钟) ?
  •  Daily Activities 日常活动
  •  Cultural Link: Emperor Qin Shihuang 秦始皇
  •  Try It Out! 每月一练


March 三月

  •  March Calendar 三月月历
  •  Countries of the World 世界各国
  •  Landforms 地形
  •  My Community 我的社区
  •  Famous Chinese Women 著名华人女性
  •  Foreign Language Month 外语月
  •  Spring 春天
  •  Cultural Link: Hua Mulan 花木兰
  •  Try It Out! 每月一练


April 四月

  •  April Calendar 四月月历
  •  Colors 颜色
  •  Fruits 水果
  •  Animals 动物
  •  Tomb Sweeping Day 清明节
  •  Cultural Link: Chinese Inventions 中国的发明
  •  Try It Out! 每月一练


May 五月

  •  May Calendar 五月月历
  •  Food 食物
  •  Mother’s Day 母亲节
  •  Cultural Link: Tea-Drinking 中国茶
  •  Try It Out! 每月一练


June 六月

  •  June Calendar 六月月历
  •  Leisure Activities 休闲活动
  •  Sports 运动
  •  Father’s Day 父亲节
  •  Insects 昆虫
  •  Cultural Link: Dragon Boat Festival 端午节
  •  Try It Out! 每月一练


July 七月

  •  July Calendar 七月月历
  •  National Day 国庆节
  •  Craft Fun 手工乐
  •  Cultural Link: Four Treasures of the Study 文房四宝
  •  Try It Out! 每月一练


August 八月

  •  August Calendar 八月月历
  •  Summer Fun 夏天乐
  •  Cultural Link: Zheng He 郑和
  •  Try It Out! 每月一练


Appendices 附录

  •  Answer Key for Word Search and Crossword Puzzles 字谜答案
  •  100 Ideas to Celebrate Foreign Language Month 庆祝外语月100条
  •  Useful Templates 常用样本
  •  Vocabulary Flash Cards: Countries 词卡:国家
  •  Vocabulary Flash Cards: Colors 词卡:颜色
  •  Project Samples 作品展示

1. Poster_01_ZhongQiuJie.pdf (648kb)
2. Poster_02_WuFu.pdf (504kb)
3. Poster_03_DaXiongMao.pdf (855kb)
4. Poster_04_SunWuKong.pdf (862kb)
5. Poster_05_ShiErShengXiao.pdf (930kb)
6. Poster_06_QingRenJie.pdf (913kb)
7. Poster_07_HuaMuLan.pdf (816kb)
8. Poster_08_ZhongGuoDeFaMing.pdf (1487kb)
9. Poster_09_ZhongGuoCai.pdf (813kb)
10. Poster_10_DuanWuJie.pdf (936kb)
11. Poster_11_JiaoShiZhiLing.pdf (644kb)
12. Poster_12_ZhongGuo.pdf (956kb)
13. Mascot Puppets_Templates.pdf (186kb)
14. Teacher Notes and Samples for Mascot Puppets.pdf (156kb)

Free downloads:

(1) Color posters

(2) Chinese Treasure Chest mascots - Templates, teacher notes and samples

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