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Step Up with Chinese 成长
by Lucy Chu Lee, Lixia Chen

Step Up with Chinese is an innovative, standards-based Chinese textbook series for high school students with little or no Chinese background. Highly learner-friendly and task-centered, Step Up develops all four language skills while incorporating the principles of ACTFL Five C’s – Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities. Students will learn all the necessary material to engage others in meaningful communication and gain a better understanding of the Chinese culture.


This series consists of three volumes covering three years of instruction. Each volume includes a Textbook and a Workbook. Each textbook offers ten themed lessons that are structured around key communicative goals. It features a clear, step-by-step approach to help students progress from small steps towards larger communicative goals. The accompanying Workbook features a wide variety of activities to give students plenty of practice on all the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The program’s companion website offers a Pinyin pronunciation guide, interactive vocabulary flashcards, free mp3 audio downloads, additional practice exercises and password protected instructors’ resources.


To get an overview of the program, click here.

To see a full sample textbook lesson, click here.

To see a full sample workbook lesson, click here.

"The instructional framework is EXCELLENT!  It is nicely aligned with the National Standards." 

- Jianhua Bai, Kenyon College



"I like the way this textbook organizes each chapter.  The step-by-step approach makes each task very clear." 

- Lihua Li, Berkeley Preparatory School



"This is a very up-to-date book that is very appropriate for high school students in the States.  The students can really relate to a lot of scenes in the book and see their own lives in the book instead of just knowing someone else's life in China."

- Jie Lei, George C. Marshall High School



"The text provides a lot of different ways for students to practice their readings, with ample pictures to maintain interest and mitigate character-reading fatigue, always a challenge for younger learners of Chinese."

- Adam Ross, Lakeside Upper School



"Excellent!  The workbook is one of the first I have reviewed that appears not to waste students' time.  Each activity was based on a scenario, encouraged development of a new skill, or give students specific practice for subsequent class interaction."

- Leslie Zimring, Summit School District

Step Up with Chinese Textbook 1 成长
ISBN: 9789814246637
Step Up with Chinese Workbook 1 成长
ISBN: 9789814246644
Step Up with Chinese Textbook 2 成长
ISBN: 9789814455176
Step Up with Chinese Workbook 2 成长
ISBN: 9789814455183
Step Up with Chinese Textbook 3 成长
ISBN: 9789814455190
Step Up with Chinese Workbook 3 成长
ISBN: 9789814455206
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