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Developing Chinese Fluency Workbook 表达
by Phyllis Zhang
ISBN: 9789814296236
© 2009 | List Price:  $39.95

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Developing Chinese Fluency is a rigorous communication skill training program that seeks to systematically expand the intermediate learners’ vocabulary, and help them achieve advanced level proficiency in the oral and written use of the language -- particularly in the areas of description, comparison and introduction -- in a relatively short period of time.


This text is intended for intermediate to low-advanced college-level students. It is also appropriate for heritage learners and accelerated high school programs. Its modular design allows the text to be used as a standalone one-year program, or use of individual module content as a supplement to an existing course.


Developing Chinese Fluency Workbook serves as a handy reference to help students review and retain key points of each lesson. It is designed to be used together with the Online Workbook. The Online Workbook enhances the learning experience by combining multimedia materials with interactivity and ease of access of information. The printed Workbook grants access to the Online Workbook through an access key that is printed inside the book.


The Workbook offers two main categories of exercises: Aural-Oral Drills allow students to have aural/oral repetitive practice of new vocabulary items, native speech patterns and question-and-answer prompts. Fluency Enhancement offers a variety of activities such as chunking, typing, listening/reading, fluency drilling and writing to reinforce vocabulary, and improve speed, accuracy and fluency.

Product Details:

Published by:  Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd
ISBN:   9789814296236
Published:   2009
Trim Size:   215mm x 278mm
Format:   Paperback
Illustrations:   black/white
No. of Pages:   140

Unit 1:Describing Objects 描述物体特征
Lesson 1: Colors and Shapes 颜色与形状
Lesson 2: Forms of Objects 外形特点
Lesson 3: Describing Visual Impressions 描述视觉印象
Lesson 4: Describing a Scene or Space 描述场景与空间


Unit 2: Talking About Products 谈论物品特点
Lesson 1:Types of Products 物品种类
Lesson 2: Materials and Specifications 材料与规格
Lesson 3: Product Information 介绍产品特点
Lesson 4: Comparing Products 比较物品


Enrichment Unit 1: Products and Culture 物品与文化


Unit 3: Describing People 描述人物印象
Lesson 1: Physical Features 生理特征
Lesson 2: Apparel and Attire 穿着打扮
Lesson 3: Describing Impressions of a Person 人物印象
Lesson 4: Portraying a Person 描绘人物


Unit 4: Introducing People 介绍人物简况
Lesson 1: Industry and Profession 行业与职业
Lesson 2: Identity and Position 身份与职务
Lesson 3: Hobbies, Skills and Education 爱好、专长、学历
Lesson 4: Work Experience 工作经验
Lesson 5: Introducing a Person's Profile 介绍人物简况


Enrichment Unit 2: People and Society 人与社会


Unit 5: Talking About Nature 谈论自然现象
Lesson 1: Nature and Weather 自然现象
Lesson 2: Natural Disasters 自然灾害
Lesson 3: Climate and Personal Feelings 气候与感觉
Lesson 4: Disaster Report 灾害介绍
Lesson 5: Comparing Climates and Reporting Natural Disasters 比较气候、报道灾情


Enrichment Unit 3: Climate and Environment 气候与环境


Unit 6: Talking About Geography 谈论地理环境
Lesson 1: Geographic Environment 地理环境
Lesson 2: Natural Resources 自然资源
Lesson 3: Characteristics of a Place 地方特色
Lesson 4: Introducing an Area 介绍地区


Enrichment Unit 4: Tapping into Natural Resources 开发自然资源


Unit 7: Talking About Cities 谈论城市
Lesson 1: In the City 城市设施
Lesson 2: Urban Characteristics 城区特点
Lesson 3: Changes and Development of a City 城市发展与变化
Lesson 4: Introducing Cities 介绍城市


Enrichment Unit 5: Development and Challenges 发展与挑战

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