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Jia You! Chinese for the Global Community Workbook 1 加油!
by Jialu Xu, Fu Chen, Ruojiang Wang, Ruiping Zhu
ISBN: 9789814221641
© 2008 | List Price:  $66.95

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Jia You! Chinese for the Global Community is a full-year program for intermediate students of Chinese. It is designed for college students in second-year Chinese as a foreign language program and senior high school students taking the AP Chinese Language and Culture Exam.


Jia You! encompasses 10 units and is divided into two volumes. Each unit addresses a specific theme of contemporary or historical Chinese culture with two lessons designed around the theme. Each lesson consists of Chinese texts, content-based presentations of vocabulary, grammar, common expressions, and exercises.


The program includes Student Textbooks, Workbooks, Audio CDs, Instructor’s Resource Manuals, and a companion website.


The workbook inlcudes 3 audio CDs to be used together with the exercises.


  • Interweaves the teaching of Chinese language and culture
  • Integrates the ACTFL 5Cs
  • Offers current, engaging and though-provoking texts of different forms and discourse styles
  • Provides a broad range of communicative exercises
  • Present simplified and tradtional Chinese characters side by side
  • Empowers instructors with comprehensive teaching resources
  • Workbook exercises modeled after the AP* exam

Product Details:

Published by:  Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd
ISBN:   9789814221641
Published:   2008
Trim Size:   215mm x 278mm
Format:   Paperback
Illustrations:   black/white
No. of Pages:   182

Unit 1: Sports & Fitness 体育与健身
Lesson 1 Shaolin Kung Fu 少林功夫
Lesson 2 What’s Your Favorite Sport? 你喜欢什么运动?


Unit 2: Food & Fashion 饮食与服装
Lesson 3 The Beijing Teahouse 北京的茶馆
Lesson 4 What Should a Bridesmaid Wear? 伴娘的服装


Unit 3: School & Family 学校与家庭
Lesson 5 Chinese Is Fun! 我爱学中文
Lesson 6 My Father, Lao She 儿子眼中的父亲


Unit 4: Festivals & Customs 节日与风俗
Lesson 7 Celebrating the Chinese New Year 过年
Lesson 8 Moon Festival 中秋节


Unit 5: Travel & Transportation 旅游与交通
Lesson 9 Planning a Trip to China 我要去中国旅游
Lesson 10 I Climbed the Great Wall 我登上了长城

"I like the scope and sequence, a good balance between aspects of personal, social life and those of important Chinese culture and traditions…I like the general structure of "Warm-up", "Pre-reading", "Main text (with narratives and dialogs)", Practice (vocabulary, grammar, communication)", and "Listen & Speak". It flows well and should be easy for teachers to use because the arrangement itself presents a good pedagogical sequencing." 
— Dr. Chao-mei Shen, Rice University, Texas
"The very first groundbreaking project in the development of instructional materials in Chinese! The program well reflects ACTFL's five National Standards and corresponds to cutting-edge pedagogy. I'm truly heartened by such a wise move towards the development of instructional materials. I look forward to its great success!" 
— Dr. Miao-fen Tseng, University of Virginia, VA
"With one unit that I reviewed, I already sense the direction of the textbook meeting our needs in preparing our AP Chinese students for their AP Exam. Hopefully, the whole book will follow the same spirit and I would like to be the first one to recommend this series to our school district and teachers in other districts for adoption." 
— Baocai Paul Jia, Cupertino High School, CA
"[The book design and layout] are very attractive in comparison with the books I have used. The combination of the clear illustrations and interesting page layouts attract student's attention… The unit [I reviewed] provides students with interesting cultural information. My students love it!" 
— Xing King, The Bishop's School, CA
"I really like this part [supplementary culture notes in the Instructor's Resource Manual]. Not every Chinese teacher knows all the culture aspects. For a teacher, who's been abroad for a long time, the notes on the recent culture not only provide information but also some new vocabulary words (such as proper nouns)." 
— Yangyang Daniell, The Lawrence School, NJ
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