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Jia You! Chinese for the Global Community 加油!
by Jialu Xu, Fu Chen, Ruojiang Wang, Ruiping Zhu

Jia You! Chinese for the Global Community is a full-year program for intermediate students of Chinese. It is designed for college students in second-year Chinese as a foreign language program and senior high school students taking the AP Chinese Language and Culture Exam.


Jia You! encompasses 10 units and is divided into two volumes. Each unit addresses a specific theme of contemporary or historical Chinese culture with two lessons designed around the theme. Each lesson consists of Chinese texts, content-based presentations of vocabulary, grammar, common expressions, and exercises.


The program includes Student Textbooks, Workbooks, Audio CDs, Instructor’s Resource Manuals, and a companion website.


  • Interweaves the teaching of Chinese language and culture
  • Integrates the ACTFL 5Cs
  • Offers current, engaging and though-provoking texts of different forms and discourse styles
  • Provides a broad range of communicative exercises
  • Present simplified and tradtional Chinese characters side by side
  • Empowers instructors with comprehensive teaching resources
  • Workbook exercises modeled after the AP* exam

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